Why now?

The construction industry is one of the most important sectors worldwide and an important driver of the overall economy. Nevertheless the industry lags behind compared to other sectors like manufacturing and agriculture when it comes to productivity. Obviously the complexity of the industry with so many parties involved in one single project doesn’t make it easier to implement new solutions.

Click to see two charts (from McKinsey&Company) about the development of productivity in the different sectors and the opportunity that lies in the usage of productivity increasing solutions.

BAMTEC is the fastest rebar solution for slabs, ground slabs and walls.

Click on the charts below to get an idea about the great potential BAMTEC generates in terms of time savings. The productivity boost in the steel fixing process is stunning. Contractors and sub contractors are winning program security to a great extent, which adds value to their services, internally and externally.

BAMTEC is prefabricated AND tailor-made

Total Flexibility: One BAMTEC element can contain different bar sizes, length and spacing leading to a unique flexibility, which reduces waste and overlapping. Fixing rebar for complex shapes and footprints is not anymore complicated.

Find on this chart also an example calculation of how to reach a rebar-mat of 337 m2 / 3627 square feet with a weight of 1.338 kg. This mat is installed in less than 15 minutes on-site.

Click to enlarge:

Lets quick have a look how BAMTEC is looking compared to standard mesh. If you are into time and material savings this will be interesting. It comes without saying, that this is adds a lot of value to the rebar.

Click on the chart:

Let’s summarize the advantages a rebar fabricator is offering his customers from contractors, general contractors and even developers. BAMTEC adds value to the rebar and construction industry.

Have a look here:

You may wonder, that a solution like that requires an unreasonably high output a year. We don’t think so. See the productivty of the BAMTEC machine and the yearly output in combination with a rough break-even indication.

Remember: This chart is based on a 1-shift operation of 8 hours a day and the assumption of an average diameter of 14 mm. If you are interested in a capacity calculation or detailed economic efficiency calculation – get in touch with us.

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BAMTEC solves the problem of labor shortage in the concrete/steel fixing industry.

Here a chart of the Associated General Contractor of America of August 2017. Nationwide 70 % are saying, that they are facing problem finding workers. BAMTEC saves a lot of time or you can do the same job with half the people. Offering BAMTEC to contractors solves one of their ongoing problems.

Here the link to report of the survey: https://www.agc.org/news/2017/08/29/seventy-percent-contractors-have-hard-time-finding-qualified-craft-workers-hire-am-0

Labor shortages drives prices up and delays completion.


BAMTEC is the solution to that

BAMTEC boosts productivity

BAMTEC saves time and material

BAMTEC guarantees program security and cost certainty

BAMTEC generates a unique win-win situation for the entire value chain

BAMTEC is a proven solution with 1’000’s of completed projects and 20 years of experience


BAMTEC Reinforcement Technology is distributed and licensed by BAM AG, Neugasse 43, 9000 St. Gallen / Switzerland