BAMTEC General Information

Get a quick insight about how BAMTEC works: from planning to production to installation


ESPAÑOL – Informacion general / Explicación

Consigue en breve toda la información desde la planficación hasta la producción y la installación


BAMTEC on-site: Installing instead of tying

Ground slab of a retirement home: BAMTEC together with prefabricated cages made of bended mesh reduces the installation time of one construction component by a stunning 70 %. Time consuming tying is reduced to  a minimum. Watch it.


BAMTEC Case Study: 430 tons installed in 1 day / 3’000 tons in 7 days

Watch how the contractor (John Holland) and the rebar fabricator (LibertyOneSteel) from Australia came to a solution, which enabled them to fix 430 tons per day or 3’000 tons in 7 days for infrastructure project in Australia. BAMTEC delivers results, that can’t be achieved any other way.


BAMTEC Wall – Easy solution to reinforce walls

Together with Pfeifer Lifting technology we developed a hook, where to layers of reinforcement get rolled out on the floor, tied together and thanks to the hook you easy can lift and insert the reinforcement into the formwork. Result: saving a lot of time and no more time consuming and very exhausting work on the walls.


BAMTEC Case Study: Health Care Construction

Watch experts talking about the advantages of BAMTEC in terms of program security, labor, H&S, time and steel savings on a huge hospital project in Manchester (UK).


BAMTEC Solution: CRCP (Continously Reinforced Concrete Pavement) by OneSteel Reinforcment, Australia

Comparison between traditional method with loose bar and BAMTEC for 500 meters of highway:
Loose bar: 16 men / 40 hours = 640 hours
BAMTEC: 8 men / 8 hours = 64 hours


BAMTEC Case Study: Windfarm Project in Victoria Australia by OneSteel Reinforcement

Difference in labor and hours for one foundation
Traditional: 6 men 4 hours = 24 hours
BAMTEC: 3 men 1.5 hours = 6 hours


BAMTEC Installation: Animation by our partner HY-TEN from the UK


BAMTEC America del Sur / BAMTEC South America (ATC Acero Tecnologia y Construccion, Santiago de Chile)

Watch how they install 800 kg of BAMTEC in less than 2 minutes / Mire como instalan 800 kg de BAMTEC en menos de 2 minutos.


BAMTEC CAD: Tutorial (in german)

Watch how easy the software generates BAMTEC elements with CAD-based software. (English version Progress)